Monday, October 31, 2005

smoking in public places


Good Ole WC Fields strikes again, oh yes. Sent this image to the Media people in the UK on tues 25/10/05 with a cupla questions. After all if its health reasons for the smoking ban in pubs then they had better ask why not ban alkahol, (oh come on you know I know its not spealt that way). When you consider the ammount of alkahol related crime an all.

Why not leave it to individual pubs to decide whether they are smoking pubs or not.

And while we are at it don't smokers have the right to eat in the pubs they use. Or is it that Patricia Hewitt is worried about the kiddies inhaling smoke when mom and dad take them for a meal in a pub.(a supposed adult venue)

Maybe the whole thing is a red herring to give the media (Uck) something to rabbit on about ad infernitum. Yep take away from discussing how councils are fiddling their rent revenue accounts or the Housing associations making a killing out of houses of multiple occupancy, out of the vulnerable.

Yeah probably that's what this load of tosh is about, well people you gotta let these poletitians know your displeasure if you have it. I mean if they were really interested in smokers health they would be allowing everyone to grow their own dope to drink, rather than smoke it, but then bioethics rules and the sooner dope smokers die the better huh.

Have a great day Crazydave

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